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Flip programming - Paraty International Literary Festival 2018
With a smaller budget, 16th edition of the event honors Hilda Hilst between 25 and 29/07 and has Colson Whitehead, winner of the Pulitzer; Leïla Slimani, author of the award-winning "Lullaby"; Fernanda Montenegro, who will attend the opening table; Sérgio Sant'anna, considered one of the main authors of the country and the singer and composer Zeca Baleiro among the national and international highlights.

In all there are 17 women and 16 men among the 33 guests. In the programming there will be meetings between veteran authors and new names talking about hot topics like violence, racism, discrimination and immigration, among others.

The tables will be structured around themes such as 'love', 'sex', 'death', 'God', 'finitude' and 'transcendence'; with 'comop', 'sound', 'monologue', 'voices', 'mystical and religious dimension', 'corpóerea and erotic dimension', 'human', 'animal', 'beyond', among others. "

Flip 2018 has a budget between R $ 500 thousand and R $ 1 million less than last year, when it was R $ 5.8 million.